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We serve, inspire and empower young girls to develop into confident, well-rounded global leaders.

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The Power of Girls is a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta. Our mission is to serve, inspire and empower young girls to develop into confident, well-rounded global leaders through mentorship, team building and cultural experiences.

Each year, we select a class of The Power of Girls to participate in our year-long “Power House” curriculum focused on developing confidence, leadership skills and self-awareness. The programming culminates with an international trip. Upon completion of the program, Power of Girls participants become part of our active alumni group.

Why international travel? Travel is a way to view the world through a broader lens- understanding different cultures and widening our perspectives. For young girls especially, travel is both eye-opening and empowering. It allows us to stretch our comfort zones, build confidence in new skills, spark our curiosity, and explore our ideas about the world around us. For our Power of Girls, travel is truly a transformative experience!

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  • Caliyah
    Caliyah, 8th Grade | Girl Power: "My girl power if having the ability to give people advice. This is because when my friends are having conflict with someone or having difficulty making a decision, I am usually the person that they come to. I think that is a good girl power to have because I get to help people and make others happy."
  • Cinya
    Cinya, 8th grade | Girl Power: The ability to make friends easily. I am known for making friends or becoming close to other girls. I am, as some may call it, a "social butterfly", so I am used to connecting with people. This is a good attribute because this makes me a good teammate in group activities. It helps to be a good team leaders by knowing all of your teammates and being able to fix conflict when it occurs.
  • Journey
    Journey, 7th grade | Girl Power: My girl power if leadership and my ability to set trends. Adventure, new experience and "weird" things are my favorite. I enjoy being different and standing out, in a good way.
  • Kaylin
    Kaylin, 7th grade | Girl Power: My girl power is community service because I really enjoy making people’s lives better. My sister and I have always helped the less fortunate not because we had to but because we wanted to. When I do things for other individuals, it makes me feel happy inside. I love the look on the faces of people when they realize that someone cared enough to help them without wanting anything in return. Even when people could probably do things for themselves, it’s still very nice to have someone do some things for you.
  • Laci
    Laci, 7th grade | Girl Power: I am caring, independent and a confident leader. I make my own decisions and I don't follow the popular crowd. Since I was younger I have always been bold and outgoing and not afraid to speak my mind.
  • Mila
    Mila, 7th grade | Girl Power: My positive attitude.
  • NaChelle
    NaChelle, 7th grade | Girl Power: My ability to dance. Dance is my passion. I am able to make myself and others smile through dance. Dance allows me to be active, which I believe is important. Dance also allows me to be creative and have fun. Dance also allows me to teach others moves that I have learned. I like that I am able to bond with my friends through dance!
  • Paige
    Paige, 7th grade | Girl Power: Some people think girl power is when a girl accomplishes something well, it's not just that. It's how a girl shows her inner strength and how a girl sticks up for herself. Girl power comes in many forward and I think every girls shows some type of girl power everyday.
  • Rachel
    Rachel, 8th grade | Girl Power: Determination! When faced with difficult situations, I am determined to excel and do well no matter the circumstances. In fifth and part of 6th grade, I received a B average in math but I didn't want to settle for a B. In 7th grade, I have achieved an A for the entire school year and on the Principal's List with all A's in every subject. I was determined to bring up my grade through extra study.
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